For advertisers who invest in broadcast media, this may be one of the larger expenditures associated with advertising and marketing. With over 20 years of experience focused on broadcast evaluations, negotiations and placement, Convergent Media Solutions can help advertisers evaluate the effectiveness of current broadcast investments as well as provide ideas and solutions on how to revise current plans and maximize the investment.

Remember, it′s not just about the price you pay, but the quality of the media you are getting, too!

We feel so strongly that we can buy broadcast media more effectively and usually cheaper, we offer a no obligation, free media audit. This audit will analyze spending, broadcast choices and strategy of current broadcast activity.

To perform an audit, we must receive a detailed plan and associated invoices from each broadcast vehicle purchased against the plan. We will review unit costs, ratings delivery, programming and vertical/horizontal rotations.

After our analysis, we will provide our observations and professional opinion, backed by 20+ years of experience, on the current effectiveness and purchase of the media in writing. The analysis will provide recommendations and justification on how Convergent Media Solutions could more effectively negotiate and place the broadcast media and ultimately generate greater results against advertising objectives and, in most cases, for a reduced investment.